About Our People


Aquilint Solutions, Inc.

Industry Experience

Aquilint Solutions, Inc. (Aquilint) employs its industry experience to solve customer problems.   An Aquilint agent has worked in algorithms since 1984, in systems integration since 1985, on UNIX platforms since 1987, and in executing the project life cycle since 1995.


An Aquilint representative has completed six full marathons.

Systems Integration

An Aquilint associate has experience in systems integration. An Aquilint employee has installed and connected computers and networks as well as audio/video equipment.


An Aquilint member has used algorithms to solve customer problems. An Aquilint representative has experience in financial formulas. An Aquilint worker developed a net interest margin reporting system for the bond department of a bank. An Aquilint agent has experience in fluid dynamics.  An Aquilint associate developed a system modeling the formation of galaxies at a NASA research center. An Aquilint employee has experience in image processing.  An Aquilint member developed a new real-time method to measure and display the electrical activity in the heart. An Aquilint representative has experience in resource planning optimization. An Aquilint worker increased process accuracy from 70% to 98% on a customer's data set. An Aquilint agent has experience in structural mechanics. An Aquilint associate increased performance by 50% of a NASA research center system modeling the space shuttle fuselage.

Project Life Cycle

An Aquilint employee understands the project life cycle. An Aquilint member served as the lead programmer for the first early delivery of a product release which had arrived consistently late in each non-Aquilint release during the preceding four years.