Aquilint Solutions, Inc.

AIX/Linux System Administration

At one company an Aquilint agent architected, designed, installed, configured, modified, and maintained the first Unix network, which included AIX nodes.

An Aquilint associate has worked with application development staff to deploy new applications and troubleshoot existing applications on AIX.

At one company an Aquilint employee lead the AIX support.

An Aquilint member has interfaced with quality assurance staff to troubleshoot AIX applications before the move to production.

At one company an Aquilint representative provided 3rd level AIX technical support to the development team.

POSIX Threads

Opportunity: High performance computing often uses multithreading.

An Aquilint agent has developed the skillset of POSIX thread programming, including the following topics:


condition variables


Linux/Unix Development

An Aquilint agent has developed products shipped to customers on IBM AIX, HP-UX, SCO Unix, and SGI IRIX.